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Erased Thoughts, Healing Wounds


3:03 min

The unprecedented enabled a rise in personal and cryptic text, expressing the frustrations of re-shifting work practices and feelings during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Application, erasure and regeneration integrate Akhtar’s making and its reconsideration, in relation to mark resist (50 x 70 cm), 80gsm copier paper with sumi ink, (21 x 29.7 cm) and etching (39 x 55 cm). The layering of words, physical actions, mediums and ideas accompanied by spontaneous encounters outlines the importance of memories and their inability to dissipate.



6:58 min

Before the national lockdown, the print room and its processes became a place of contentment. This recollection of the past simultaneously coincides, joyful and melancholic expressions between her inner soul and the activities undertaken.

Akhtar’s printing logs fused with the physicality of the print workshop leads to an obscuring of time, journey and movement, heard via the nuances in erased characters and words in transit, reiterating the role of impermanence, caught between feelings and actions.  

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