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Faulty proofs of RushHour 2016 were reworked using a scalpel, removing as much negative space as possible. As the layers piled, fragments began to merge, bleed and intersect.

Appearance & Disappearance


Manipulation, construction and alteration materialize a diverse visual language. The additional reconstruction then weaves strands of duplicates and a loss of traces, yet translating and evolving recurring back to the marks physically produced by Akhtar’s hand.


​The engravings fragmented approach led to relief printing. Also inspired by Highbury Hall’s interior: nature, pattern and organic forms were rethought.

Stimulated by the Japanese Fold, layered drawings of maps on tissue paper and newsprint were compiled and hand stitched as an experimental publication.

A selection of engraved embossed paper sculptures, scripted newsprint and green sugar paper cut outs explored identity, home and belonging aided through a deconstructed narrative spoken by her mother during a tough time.

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